The PhD student José Luis González Alfonso belonging to the Applied Biocatalysis Group of the Institute of Catalysis and Petrochemistry of CSIC, has won ex aequo the ASISA Award of the Royal National Academy of Pharmacy for his work: “Strategies of glycosylation and enzymatic acylation of bioactive polyphenols to improve their physicochemical and biological properties”.

The award is endowed with a prize of 2500 €, which on this occasion will be shared with the other winner.

You can see the proposals for the awarding of prizes for the Scientific Competition of the 2020 academic year from the commissions appointed for this purpose by the Governing Board: content/uploads/concurso_cientifico/Ganadores2020.pdf

The Royal National Academy of Pharmacy organizes an annual international scientific competition, with the aim of promoting the activities of researchers in the field of pharmaceutical sciences.

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Premio ASISA a doctorando del ICP