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Seminario 13 dic Meneses Jacome 1


The core of this brief lecture is to present the main headlands of the Colombian Bioeconomy Strategy (and the critical research and innovation needs that will be ensued to accomplish the ambitious goals of this policy, as well the opportunities to establish joint R+D+i actions with international partners In the next 5 years, the CBS will be pushing local universities to shift their classical research vision and organization from a groups based structure towards more robust platforms, such as research centers, innovation units, technological parks, among others This is not only a great challenge, but a new opportunity for reaching novel funding schemas and to upgrade their research infrastructure with improved public resources, where both public and private universities are equally called to participate In this context, the short experience and progress of the UNAB’s Circular Bioeconomy Research Center ε BiO in this pathway will be shared with the audience, as well its current research lines and projects will be also outlined, to elucidate windows of opportunities for cooperation with the CSIC and its different areas and laboratories, particularly in topics dealing with biotechnology, biomaterials and bioenergy under sustainability criteria

Researcher CV

Pr Meneses, is the Head of ε BiO a new Research Center founded by the “Universidad Autónoma de Bucaramanga ( in Colombia, which is focused on Circular Bioeconomy topics At the UNAB, he is a professor affiliated to the Energy Engineering Department His research is devoted to develop sustainable biological wastewater systems and waste to bioenergy systems, including their appraisal by means Life Cycle Assessment and other sustainability methods Their research interests includes i the appraisal of the called “embodied energy” and “water energy nexus” in the agricultural/urban water cycles,cycles,( the recovery of nutrients and bioenergy from agro industrial effluents and ( the use of enzymatic catalysts to treat emergent pollutants in water Previously, he was a research fellow of the France (Univ Poitiers, 2000 01 and Canada Governments (Ecole Poytechnique de Montreal, 2005 06 and also, he was awarded with the first doctoral scholarship of the Alianza del Pacífico allocated to the Water Center for Latin American and the Caribbean at the TEC of Monterrey ( 2014 Currently, is a guest researcher in the frame of the i COOP+ 2018 program at CSIC ( Likewise, it would be relevant his passing through the World Bank as a temporary consultant for the application of the Clean Development Mechanisms 2006 09 and his authorship of two English book chapters and some papers in renowned journals (e g J Clean Prod Wat Sci Technol Renew Sust Ener Rev App Catal A, Biofpr Environ Sci Pollut Res etc



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