Authors: Djani, F; Noureddine, I; Martinez Arias, A

Univ. Politeh. Buchar. Bull. Ser. B-Chem. Mater. Sci.. vol: 80. page: 1454-2331.
Date: . 2018.
Doi: .

Lanthanum manganite (LaMnO3) partially substituted with Sr in the site A (0 <= x <= 0.2) were prepared by different synthesis methods (sol-gel, sol-gel combustion and auto-combustion) using citric acid or glycine as complexant or fuels and water as solvent. Thermogravimefric analysis technique (TGA) was used to explore precursor decomposition and to establish adequate calcination temperature for achievement of the perovskite structure in the nanoparticles. The samples obtained after calcination at 800 degrees C were characterized by XRD, FTIR, PSD, and UV-Vis. Structural and vibration/electronic characteristics were examined on such basis and as a function of the preparation method employed..