Authors: Deng, Z; Retuerto, M; Liu, SZ; Croft, M; Stephens, PW; Calder, S; Li, WM; Chen, BJ; Jin, CQ; Hu, ZW; Li, MR; Lin, HJ; Chan, TS; Chen, CT; Kim, SW; Greenblatt, M

Chem. Mat.. vol: 30. page: 0897-4756.
Date: oct-23. 2018.
Doi: 10.1021/acs.chemmater.8b02728.

Y2CoRuO6 was synthesized as a B-site ordered double perovskite with distorted monoclinic P2(1)/n symmetry and an average tilting of the CoO6 and RuO6 octahedra of (psi) over bar = 19.7 degrees. DC magnetization measurements show a ferrimagnetic transition at around 82 K. Although long-range ferrimagntic order is supported by neutron diffraction studies, aging phenomena in time-dependent isothermal magnetization, frequency dependence of AC susceptibility, and a smeared peak in the specific heat together reveal spin glass-like dynamics. The magnetic subtleties resemble chaotic behavior as previously observed in some ferro- or ferrimagnetic materials that exhibit spin glass-like dynamics. It is argued that the magnetic dynamics in Y2CoRuO6 mainly stem from competition between antiferromagnetic Co up arrow-O-(Ru)-O-Co down arrow/Ru up arrow-O-(Co)-O-Ru down arrow and antiferromagnetic Co up arrow-O-Ru down arrow interactions, besides a degree of Co:Ru antisite disorder. Herein, the B-site ordered Y2CoRuO6 offers a model to explore the intriguing dynamics in correlated 3d-4d transition metal double perovskites..