The ICP Equality Commission was created in March 2019 as a working group whose main objective is to generate a structure for the development of functions related to equal opportunities without distinction of gender, sexual orientation, race or ideology in all activities and areas of the center.

The current members of the committee are: Mariví Martínez, Lucía Fernández, Marisol Faraldos and Marisela Vélez.
You can contact any of these people directly for any incidents, queries or initiatives you may have regarding equality, or through our e-mail:

This group is in close contact with the CSIC Equality and Women and Science Commissions, with the UAM Gender Equality Unit, and is part of the CSIC Equality Intercenter Network located in the campus of excellence UAM+CSIC (CBMSO, CIAL, CNB, ICMAT, ICMM, ICP, ICV, IFT, IIB, IMN), to work in coordination in matters of gender equality and promotion of women researchers.

The objectives and functions of this working group on Equality in the ICP are the following:

  • To disseminate and promote knowledge of the CSIC’s equality policies, specifically, the Equality Plan of the AGE and the CSIC.
  • To publicize institutional activities and decisions on equality policies.
  • To serve as a channel for proposals or suggestions that the ICP staff could make on the subject.
  • To carry out a diagnosis of the situation regarding equality in the ICP.
  • Promote training among staff and committee members on equality issues, as well as training against sexual and gender-based harassment, preferably within the framework of the CSIC Training Plan.
  • Promote, in agreement with the management, equality in the functional and organizational structures of the ICP.
  • Promote the inclusion of sex/gender in research and innovation, and training in this area, enhancing the integration of sex/gender analysis in research.
  • Promote, through specific actions of the center, the dissemination and visibility of the role of ICP women, researchers, technicians, etc., as a reference for current and future generations.

Among the activities carried out by this committee, the following stand out:

  • Inclusion of the Protocols of action against Gender Harassment and Workplace Harassment elaborated by the CSIC Prevention Service in the ICP’s Welcome Plan.
  • Creation of a breastfeeding room, a space dedicated to the extraction of milk from nursing mothers.
  • Joint celebration of outreach activities on important dates for gender equality: February 11, March 8, November 25.
  • Inclusion of the gender perspective in the activities of the European Researchers’ Night.
  • Encourage the participation of the center’s staff in training courses.