Inversion of chirality in GTM-4 enantio-enriched zeolite driven by a minor change of the structure-directing agent

Autores: de la Serna, R; Arnaiz, I; Marquez-Alvarez, C; Perez-Pariente, J; Gomez-Hortiguela, L

Chem. Commun.. vol: 58. page: 1359-7345.
Fecha: nov-24. 2022.
Doi: 10.1039/d2cc04958a.

A surprising inversion of chirality of the -ITV zeolite framework is observed when the ethyl group of the enantiopure N,N-ethyl-methyl-pseudoephedrinium organic structure-directing agent is replaced by a benzyl or 2-methylbenzyl group, keeping the same molecular absolute [read more]