Robust Light Driven Enzymatic Oxyfunctionalization via Immobilization of Unspecific Peroxygenase

Autores: De Santis, P; Wegstein, D; Burek, BO; Patzsch, J; Alcalde, M; Kroutil, W; Bloh, JZ; Kara, S

Artículo; Early Access.
ChemSusChem. vol: . page: 1864-5631.
Fecha: 2023 AUG 16. 2023.
Doi: 10.1002/cssc.202300613.

Unspecific peroxygenases have attracted interest in synthetic chemistry, especially for the oxidative activation of C-H bonds, as they only require hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) instead of a cofactor. Due [read more]

Avoiding dry reforming control in direct CH4 and CO2 conversion operating at low-temperature below ambient pressure over AgPd4-Fe3-δO4 nanocomposite


Elena Montejano-Nares, Blanca Martínez-Navarro, Eva Castillejos López, Esther Asedegbega-Nieto, Ángel Maroto Valiente, José M. Conesa Alonso, Inmaculada Rodríguez Ramos, Antonio R. Guerrero Ruíz, Francisco Ivars-Barceló

Chemical Engineering Journal. Volume 474, 15 October 2023, 145373


Significant activity for the direct transformation of methane and carbon dioxide into coupling products (acetone and [read more]

Microbiome-derived cobalamin and succinyl-CoA as biomarkers for improved screening of anal cancer


Sergio Serrano-Villar, Camilla Tincati, Sajan C. Raju, Johan S. Sáenz, Elena Moreno, Rafael Bargiela, Alfonso Cabello-Ubeda, Elena Sendagorta, Alina Kurz, Jose A. Perez Molina, Amparo de Benito, Johannes R. Hov, Laura Fernandez-Lopez, Alfonso Muriel, Rosa del Campo, Santiago Moreno, Marius Trøseid, Jana Seifert & Manuel Ferrer

Nature Medicine volume 29pages1738–1749 (2023)

Human papillomavirus can cause preinvasive, high-grade squamous intraepithelial lesions (HSILs) as precursors to [read more]

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Dual functional materials based on Ni and different alkaline metals on alumina for the cyclic stepwise CO2 capture and methanation


Enrique García-Bordejé, Ana Belén Dongil, José M. Conesa, Antonio Guerrero-Ruiz, Inmaculada Rodríguez-Ramos

Chemical Engineering Journal. Volume 472, 15 September 2023, 144953


Bimetallic catalysts consisting of nickel and one alkali or alkaline-earth metal (Na, K or Ba) on alumina support have been tested in the cyclic CO2 capture and subsequent methanation. The [read more]

Microwave-associated chemistry in environmental catalysis for air pollution remediation: A review

Autores: Bao, CS; Serrano-Lotina, A; Niu, MS; Portela, R; Li, YX; Lim, KH; Liu, PW; Wang, WJ; Banares, MA; Wang, QY

Chem. Eng. J.. vol: 466. page: 1385-8947.
Fecha: jun-15. 2023.
Doi: 10.1016/j.cej.2023.142902.

Microwave-assisted synthesis has attracted wide attention as an efficient and energy-saving synthesis strategy due to its unique heating mechanism. Environmental catalysts prepared via microwave heating process typically [read more]

Photoactive nano-confined Pt in titania nanotubes (Pt-TiNT) via microwave-assisted flow synthesis

Autores: Luo, YJ; Serrano-Lotina, A; Budihardjo, FF; Taghipour, S; Ferdousi, SA; Li, LP; Delgado, JJ; Lopez-Buendia, A; Portela, R; Han, W; Banares, MA; Yeung, KL

Chem. Eng. J.. vol: 466. page: 1385-8947.
Fecha: jun-15. 2023.
Doi: 10.1016/j.cej.2023.143254.

Pt-TiNT with PtO nanoparticles dispersed within the lumen and interlayer spaces of titania nanotubes (TiNT) were prepared by a new process involving titanate [read more]

High Performance and Durable Anode with 10-Fold Reduction of Iridium Loading for Proton Exchange Membrane Water Electrolysis

Autores: Torrero, J; Morawietz, T; Sanchez, DG; Galyamin, D; Retuerto, M; Martin-Diaconescu, V; Rojas, S; Alonso, JA; Gago, AS; Friedrich, KA

Artículo; Early Access.
Adv. Energy Mater.. vol: . page: 1614-6832.
Fecha: 2023 APR 29. 2023.
Doi: 10.1002/aenm.202204169.

Proton exchange membrane water electrolysis (PEMWE) technology is especially advantageous for green H-2 production as a clean energy vector. During the water electrolysis [read more]

Carbon nanotubes-PEI-Formate dehydrogenase nano-biointerface for the specific bioelectrochemical reduction of CO2 to formate

Autores: Fera, MC; Manuel, RR; Pereira, IAC; Abad, JM; De Lacey, AL; Pita, M

Carbon. vol: 209. page: 0008-6223.
Fecha: jun-05. 2023.
Doi: 10.1016/j.carbon.2023.118013.

Reduction of extensive CO2 emissions is one of the key challenges that our society must overcome in order to minimize the effects of global warming and climate change. In this respect, electrochemical reduction of CO2 via [read more]

Modification of a commercial activated carbon with nitrogen and boron: Hydrogen storage application

Autores: Arturo Morandé, Patricio Lillo, Elodie Blanco, César Pazo, Ana Belén Dongil, Ximena Zarat, Mario Saavedra-Torres, Eduardo Schott, Roberto Canales, Alvaro Videla, Néstor Escalona

Artículo. Journal of Energy Storage

Fecha: 1 August 2023, 107193
Doi: 10.1016/j.est.2023.107193

The present study evaluates the effect of heteroatom doping (N and B) and thermal treatment modification of activated carbon, in different [read more]

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Theoretical and Experimental Study for Cross-Coupling Aldol Condensation over Mono- and Bimetallic UiO-66 Nanocatalysts

Autores: Cesar Pazo-Carballo, Elodie Blanco, Esteban Camu, Angel Leiva, Yoan Hidalgo-Rosa, Ximena Zarate, Ana Belen Dongil, Eduardo Schott* and Nestor Escalona

Artículo. ACS Appl. Nano Mater. 2023, 6, 7, 5422–5433

Fecha: April 3, 2023
Doi: 10.1021/acsanm.2c05555

Mono- and bimetallic UiO-66 nanocatalysts were synthesized using the solvothermal synthesis method and evaluated in the [read more]


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