Authors: del Barrio, M; Luna-Lopez, G; Pita, M Review. Sensors. vol: 20. page: . Date: JUN. 2020. Doi: 10.3390/s20113281. Abstract: Research on biosensors is growing in relevance, taking benefit from groundbreaking knowledge that allows for new biosensing strategies. Electrochemical biosensors can benefit from research on semiconducting materials for energy applications. This research seeks the optimization of the semiconductor-electrode interfaces including light-harvesting materials, among other improvements. Once that knowledge is acquired, it can be implemented with biological recognition elements, which are able to transfer a chemical signal to the photoelectrochemical system, yielding photo-biosensors. This has been a matter of research as it allows both a superior suppression of background electrochemical signals and the switching ON and OFF upon illumination. Effective electrode-semiconductor interfaces and their coupling with biorecognition units are reviewed in this work..