Authors: Mastronardo, E; Qian, X; Coronado, JM; Haile, S

Proceedings Paper.
. vol: 2126. page: 0094-243X.
Date: . 2019.
Doi: 10.1063/1.5117754.

CaMnO3 oxide can be considered a promising candidate for high temperature thermochemical heat storage, since it is able to release oxygen in a wide temperature range (800-1000 degrees C) at different oxygen partial pressures (pO(2)) suitable for Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plants. Moreover, it is composed of earth abundant, inexpensive, non-toxic elements. However, it undergoes decomposition at pO(2)<0.01 atm and at temperature above 1100 degrees C. In order to overcome this limitation and to extent the operating temperature range, in this study B-site doping with Fe was used as approach for preventing decomposition. The reaction enthalpy was measured through equilibrium non-stoichiometry curves so that the heat storage capacity could be evaluated. It was demonstrated that Fe-doping prevented CaMnO3 decomposition up to 1200 degrees C at pO(2)=0.008 thus widening the operating temperature range and the oxygen reduction extent. In addition, the heat storage capacity (Delta H (kJ/mol(ABO3))) of Fe-CaMnO3 (similar to 324 kJ/kg(ABO3)) is remarkably higher than that of the un-doped CaMnO3 (250 kJ/kg(ABO3))..