Autores: Sabater, C; Molinero, N; Ferrer, M; Bernardo, CMG; Delgado, S; Margolles, A

Microorganisms. vol: 9. page: .
Fecha: NOV. 2021.
Doi: 10.3390/microorganisms9112201.

Gallbladder metagenome involves a wide range of unidentified sequences comprising the so-called metagenomic dark matter. Therefore, this study aimed to characterise three gallbladder metagenomes and a fosmid library with an emphasis on metagenomic dark matter fraction. For this purpose, a novel data analysis strategy based on the combination of remote homology and molecular modelling has been proposed. According to the results obtained, several protein functional domains were annotated in the metagenomic dark matter fraction including acetyltransferases, outer membrane transporter proteins, membrane assembly factors, DNA repair and recombination proteins and response regulator phosphatases. In addition, one deacetylase involved in mycothiol biosynthesis was found in the metagenomic dark matter fraction of the fosmid library. This enzyme may exert a protective effect in Actinobacteria against bile components exposure, in agreement with the presence of multiple antibiotic and multidrug resistance genes. Potential mechanisms of action of this novel deacetylase were elucidated by molecular simulations, highlighting the role of histidine and aspartic acid residues. Computational pipelines presented in this work may be of special interest to discover novel microbial enzymes which had not been previously characterised..