Autores: Caudillo-Flores, U; Barba-Nieto, I; Gomez-Cerezo, MN; Rodriguez-Castellon, E; Fernandez-Garcia, M; Kubacka, A

J. Environ. Chem. Eng.. vol: 9. page: .
Fecha: OCT. 2021.
Doi: 10.1016/j.jece.2021.106073.

Carbon nitride based materials doped with boron were used as support to deposit platinum. The systems were tested in the photo-production of hydrogen using methanol as a sacrificial molecule. Tests under UV and sunlight-type illumination conditions showed an important promoting effect of boron, irrespective of the illumination nature. The measurement of the quantum efficiency was used to assess quantitatively the performance of the catalysts. The outstanding properties of the solids, particularly using sunlight as an energy source of the reaction, were interpreted on the basis of the multitechnique spectroscopic/kinetic study. The results showed that boron affects a significant number of physico-chemical properties. The approach here developed quantitatively assesses the catalytic influence of all such phenomena and shows a complex trade-off between the adsorption of reactants and kinetic steps related to charge carrier attack to methanol..