Autores: Caudillo-Flores, U; Munoz-Batista, MJ; Fernandez-Garcia, M; Kubacka, A

Review; Early Access.
Catal. Rev.-Sci. Eng.. vol: . page: 0161-4940.
Fecha: . .
Doi: 10.1080/01614940.2022.2075535.

The development of the photo-catalysis field is limited by a deficient quantitative assessment of photo-activity. The interplay between mass and momentum transport together with radiative transfer phenomena taking place at any photo-catalytic reaction or process makes complex such quantitative assessment. To reach this goal, the review studies the measurement, meaning, and analysis of three types of observables. The first family of observables has the reaction rate and closely connected observables as the turnover frequency as central pieces. The second family owns the so-called efficiency observables, starting from the photonic yield and quantum efficiency of the reaction and ending in the global efficiency of the process. Finally, the review studies kinetic constant observables. The contribution focusses on most rencet contribution analyzing these observables in terms of their (adequate) measurement conditions and physico-chemical interpretation, in order to unveil their full potential in the context of the photo-catalysis field..