Authors: Contreras-Larios, JL; Infantes-Molina, A; Negrete-Melo, LA; Labadie-Suarez, JM; Yee-Madeira, HT; Autie-Perez, MA; Rodriguez-Castellon, E

Appl. Sci.-Basel. vol: 9. page: .
Date: may-01. 2019.
Doi: 10.3390/app9091810.

The separation of a mixture of C5-C9 n-paraffins was achieved by Inverse Gas Chromatography (IGC) by using boehmite; AlO(OH), in a packed column with short exposure times and temperatures; from 45 degrees C to 52 degrees C. The boehmite was characterized by XRD; ATG; SEM; IR spectroscopy and N-2 adsorption. The material exhibited a low crystalline boehmite (AlOOH) structure and presented high hydration (pseudoboehmite). The reverse gas chromatography measurements showed that the elution temperatures of the C5-C9 n-paraffins were low compared with those obtained for other adsorbents. The differential heat of adsorption values ensures the satisfactory separation of the components in the C5-C9 mixture under suitable chromatographic conditions..