Its mission is the administrative, budgetary and patrimonial control of the ICP according to the legislation in force, through:

  • Posting revenues and executing settlements
  • Management of claims, presentation of accounting documents and justification of accounts
  • Maintenance of internal accounts associated with projects and contracts
  • Processing of service orders, per diems, travel and accommodation allowances
  • Inventory Management
  • Recording and scanning of invoices.  Custody of files, invoices and accounting documents
  • Vacation and leave management
  • Classroom Reservations
  • Processing of shipments by courier and incidents with institutional photocopiers
Gerencia 1
Tel: 915854781
Ext: 114781
Tel: 915854781
Ext: 114781
Tel: 915854781
Ext: 114781

Proyect Management

The unit is responsible for overseeing application submissions by research groups for competitive grants for research and staff at the regional, national and European level. It is also in charge of the predoctoral and postdoctoral fellowship program.