Responsible for the registration and accounting of all the operations that are managed and to make the payments that are ordered and the corresponding liquidations, to facilitate the Statements of Endowment of Treasury in the dates that are ordered, custody and control of the funds and cash availabilities, as well as to practice archeos and banking conciliations, management of income and liquidations, etc.

Human Resources

Responsible for announcements of contracts for specific works or services related to Research Projects, administrative management of permits (private matters, transfer of residence, etc.) and leaves (illness, marriage, etc.), registrations and cancellations of the Center’s personnel in the Institutional Databases, etc.

Project Management

The unit is responsible for supervising the development of research projects, from the beginning, by overseeing the submission of applications by research groups for competitive grants, through their development managing the changes that occur in them and making the required economic justifications, until its end, attending to the requirements of correction made by the various funding agencies of the grants.

Support staff