Iron Catalysis cover

Catalytic Science Series: Volume 19

Iron Catalysis

Design and Applications

Pages: 320


Iron Catalysis: Design and Applications is an exciting new book that takes readers inside the world of iron catalysis guided by international catalysis expert, Dr Jose M Palomo. Iron is the most abundant metal in the planet, cost-effective, environmentally friendly, with an easily manipulated remediation process. In the last few years, the use of this non-precious metal has gained extraordinary attention particularly for its potential as a catalyst in different areas. This book compiles a series of chapters describing the most significant advances in the last few years since the design of different iron catalysts and nanocatalysts and iron-containing artificial and natural enzymes. The chapters also cover its application in different areas of interest such as organic synthesis, environmental remediation, enzyme-like activities or the creation of novel types of electrodes for battery design.