Conferencia “El hidrógeno: la última frontera”

Green hydrogen: key to renewable energy management.

The Spanish invention to eliminate the coronavirus from surfaces

A novel material from CSIC that blocks coronavirus

José Miguel Palomo (ICP-CSIC): a material that eliminates coronavirus

Maria Retuerto, Prize L’Oréal-Unesco “For Women in Science”
(@4womeninscience, 15/02/2021)

Group of Electrocatalysis for Energy and Environment at ICP-CSIC:
Mariví Martínez Huerta (REPICOMES, 29/12/2020)

Evoenzyme, a start-up born at ICP-CSIC

Scientific women: Isabel Díaz Carretero
(UNED-RTVE, 20/11/2020)

The Group of Energy and Sustainable Chemistry in the FLEDGED Project (H2020)

Presentation of Youtube channel of the Group of Energy and Sustainable Chemistry at ICP-CSIC (4/07/2020)

Chemistry in first person: Luis Gómez Hortigüela
(UNED, 21/12/2018)

Chemistry in first person: Miguel Ángel Bañares
(UNED, 21/09/2018)

Dying before Dying: Initiatory Societies Throughout History
(UNED-RTVE, 9/03/2018)

40 Anniversary of the Institute of Catalysis and Petrochemistry and 25 years on Campus
(UAM, 26/10/2015)

Digital.CSIC. Testimonials on Open Access: Francisco Plou

Chemistry and sustainable development: Vanesa Calvino
(UNED-RTVE, 10/12/2010)

Around catalysis
(UNED, 23/09/2001)

The Adventure of Knowledge – The Institute of Catalysis and Petrochemistry
(RTVE, 13/11/1997)