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Telephone: 915854799
Tel. interno: 437531
Group: Spectroscopy and Industrial Catalysis
Office: D-14
Lab: N-09


(Madrid 1953) is currently Professor of Research at the CSIC (2009-) and Spanish Representative at FISOCAT (2017-).
Previously: Vice-director of the Institute of Catalysis and Petrochemistry of the CSIC (2002-2005 and 20014-2018), Head of the Engineering Department of Catalytic Processes, ICP-CSIC (1995-2002) and General Coordinator of the International Network: “Catalysts for Environmental Protection” of the CYTED Program (1999-2003).
His scientific trajectory has been mainly based on the development of catalysts to be used industrially in processes of atmospheric decontamination, having as a result of his investigations: 88 Publications in journals (81 in Q1) and 13 Patents of invention, of which 8 have been licensed to companies and industrially installed.
The list of processes studied in the recent years includes mainly different DeNOx systems (NH3-SCR, CH4-SCR), COV removal (BTX, HCHO, MetOH, TCE, PCE, MEK and Dioxins), oxidation of CO and SO2 and finally, treatment and purification of acid gases (H2S, HCl, HF and SOx) by methods based on adsorption / absorption in porous materials.
It emphasizes his contribution to the shaping of porous materials in different geometric forms, especially in honeycomb structures (monoliths), adapting the properties of the catalysts to the dynamic fluid needs imposed by the industrial decontamination systems, which makes possible its industrial implementation


• Ana Serrano-Lotina, Manuel Monte, Ana Iglesias-Juez, Pablo Pavón-Cadierno, Raquel Portela; Pedro Ávila “MnOx-support interactions in catalytic bodies for selective reduction of NO with NH3” Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, (2019)


Researcher ID S-7588-2017

Código Orcid 0000-0002-0212-941X

• S.B. Rasmussen, R. Portela, P. Bazin, P. Ávila, M.A. Bañares, M. Daturi, “Transient operando study on the NH3/NH/ interplay in V-SCR monolithic catalysts” Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 224, (2018), 109-115
(001: 10.1016/ Lapcatb.2017.10.026)

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