Pita Marcos
Telephone: 915119784
Tel. interno: 437495
Group: Bioelectrocatalysis
Office: 212
Lab: 213/307


I achieved my PhD at ICP-CSIC working from 2002 to 2006 on nanoparticle engineering for the biomolecule immobilization. During this stage I performed one secondment at Utrecht University on magnetic nanoparticles and two secondments at Lund University (Sweden), where I started my research on laccase bioelectrochemistry. The latter research line flourished at ICP since then, yielding the founding of future international collaborations that are currently still active. A significant milestone achieved during my predoctoral stage was the development and patenting of gold-covered magnetic nanoparticles, and their use as biosensing material together with peptide nucleic acids or redox enzymes.
In Jan 2007 I joined Clarkson University (NY, USA) as a Post-doctoral Research Assistant with Prof. Evgeny Katz. The research focused on bioelectrochemical systems and enzyme biofuel cells. I set up the laboratory, as both Prof. and me were newcomers, afterwards contributed in all the scientific aspects in the research group. During this stage I was the in-charge advisor of a group comprising 4-5 PhD candidates and 2-3 post-doctoral researchers. Year 2009 I obtained a Ramon y Cajal tenure-track type contract, which allowed my reincorporation to ICP-CSIC early 2010.
From 2010 to 2014 I developed my research at ICP-CSIC working on nanostructured materials for bioelectrochemical processes together with Prof. Victor Fernandez and Dr. Antonio L. De Lacey, joining European and National projects. I achieved my tenure in 2013 call (only 5 positions for all CSIC) and was incorporated in January 2015 Staff Researcher in Biocatalysis Department, ICP, where currently I am still working.

Research Interests:
•Biofunctionalized nanomaterials (metallic nanoparticles, magnetic nanoparticles, semiconductive quantum dots, nanorods, nanowires, graphene, nano-carbon derivatives) for bioelectronic and biomedical applications.
•Bionanoengineering, functional interfaces composed of biomaterials & nano-objects, supra-molecular hybrid systems with complex molecular/biomolecular architecture;
•Bioelectronics & optobioelectronics, switchable & tunable electrobiocatalytic and photobiocatalytic systems;
•Bionanotechnology for bioelectronic applications, electrical wiring of enzymes by nano-objects, amplification paths for bioanalytical systems, nanocircuitry generation based on biotemplates & biocatalysis;
•Biosensors based on integrated systems with complex molecular architecture, self-powered biosensors, switchable & tunable biosensors;
•Photobioelectrochemistry, transform light energy into reduced chemical compounds by means of biocatalysts coupled to electroactive surfaces;
•Biofuel cells engineering, biofuel cells based on integrated bioelectrocatalytic systems


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