The group “Advanced Materials and Processes for Heterogeneous Catalysis” carries out research within the framework of the Sustainable Chemistry and Nanotechnology. The group is currently composed by three doctors (Prof. M. Fernández García, Dra. A. Kubacka; Dr. U. Caudillo-Flores) as well as pre-doctoral personnel (I. Barba-Nieto, D. Fu, A. Ares Dorado), with many American (Profs. Rodríguez BNL-NSLS; Haller Yale; Alfano U. Litoral; Requejo, La Plata, Cortés U. Michoacán), European (Profs. Anderson Aberdeen; di Michiel ESRF; Agostini ALBA, Colón, CSIC; Luque, U. Córdoba, Rodríguez-Castellón U. Málaga) or Asian (Profs. Tanabe Nagasaki; Abe Hokkaido) collaborations.

The group laboratory has equipment for solvothermal/hidrothermal preparation of materials, IR/Raman/UV-visible spectroscopies, access to XRD-PDF, XANES, EXAFS, XES, NAP-XPS beamlines at European/American synchrotrons, and gas/liquid phase(s) thermo and/or photo-catalytic reactors with gas/liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry detection.

Research lines

The group “Advanced Materials and Processes for Heterogeneous Catalysis” owns expertise in the development and industrial use of catalytic nanomaterials. Activity is carried out in three main fields: the physico-chemical study of powdered/film/membrane simple and, most often, composite materials with use in industrial-related energy (production and purification of hydrogen, fuel production from CO2), environmental (automobile and pollutant elimination catalytic processes) and human health (chemical/biological decontamination of gas and water streams) areas. The group works upon a holistic approach considering the development of the materials as well as their testing in industrial relevant operation conditions. To this end, we develop synthesis methods, use modern “operando” laboratory and synchrotron characterization and computation tools, as well as the modeling of functional properties of industrial interest.


Fernández García, Marcos – Group leader

Kubacka , Anna – Staff

Uriel Caudillo Flores – Staff

Ruifeng Du – Staff

Irene Barba Nieto – Staff

Alejando Ares Dorado – Staff

Teléfonos de contacto: 915954939 (desp.); 915854775 (lab.)


Selected publications (last 10 years):

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Selected Pantents (last 10 years):

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