The group performs experimental studies concerning environmental and energy-related catalysis and chemical processes, going from fundamentals to applied research. The main unifying topics of this broad area are: (1) The development of new processes that convert residual streams into chemicals, fuels and other products, considering a waste as a resource (2) The use of renewable energy sources.

The research aims to understand the key parameters that control the reactivity and selectivity, following a rational design strategy to optimize catalysts. The dynamic evolution under reaction will be followed using operando and in-situ characterization techniques in order to facilitate the screening.

Research lines

  1. Catalytic and thermochemical processes for CO2 conversion into new products
  2. Catalytic and thermochemical processes for residual streams conversion into new products
  3. More energy-efficient and less contaminant technologies
  4. Advanced synthesis of novel materials and catalysts, nanoarchitectures design, active site engineering, 3D-ordered porous materials, well-controlled particle size and surface composition


Alvarez Galván, Consuelo

Tel:  915854821