The Group for Molecular Design of Heterogeneous Catalysts carries out scientific research to solve present technologic problems of high social impact. From this standpoint, the environmental problems, principally the catalytic removal of atmospheric harmful gases and waste water treatments, are broached through the design and development of efficient solid catalysts. C1 chemistry concepts are being applied to the obtention of basic chemical compounds, e.g. hydrocarbons or syngas. The production and storage of hydrogen are tackled with CO free processes and application of membrane reactors. The synthesis of specific chemical compounds (Fine Chemistry) is carried out with highly selective catalysts, as in hydrogenation reactions. Our projects of large-scale production of pure carbon nanotubes and graphenes can be catalogued of immediate technologic application. In these studies a great variety of techniques and experimental methodologies are usually applied, in which it can be pointed out: spectroscopic techniques (Mössbauer, FTIR, XPS, XANES), thermal analysis (microcalorimetry, TG, TPR, TPD), analytical techniques (gas chromatography, mass spectrometry), electron microscopy and X-ray diffraction. Finally, the study of surface processes and reaction mechanisms is carried using isotopicallly labeled molecules, e.g. in a Temporal Analysis of Products reactor (TAP-2).

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Inmaculada Rodríguez Ramos – Group leader

María Virtudes Morales Vargas – Staff

José María Conesa Alonso– Staff

Ana Belén Dongil de Pedro – Staff

Jorge Moral Pombo – Staff

Verónica Naharro Ovejero – Staff


“Catalysts for biocompounds hydrogenation with formic acid and for valorization of carbon dioxide”,  Financial Organization: Spanish AEI; Reference: PID2020-119160RB-C21; 2021-2024

“Natural biobased materials for CO2 valorization through heterogeneous catalysis. Towards negative CO2 emissions”, Financial Organization: Spanish CSIC; Reference: COOPB20487; 2021-2022

“Biomass and CO2 valorisation to high value added chemicals”, Financial Organization: H2020-MSCA-RISE-2020; Reference: 101008058 — BIOALL; 2021-2025


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