Grupo Tamices Moleculares


The group, multidisciplinary in nature, integrates specialists in materials chemistry and catalysis, transmission electron microscopy and computational chemistry, as well as in enzymatic catalysis, being one of its researchers a member of the Department of Biocatalysis, with the aim of strengthening synergy between inorganic and enzymatic catalysis. The group is characterized by a wide network of scientific collaborations, both nationally and internationally. In addition to basic research activities, the group regularly collaborates with various companies in the energy, chemical and natural resources sectors through research contracts.

Research lines

The group’s main research area is related to sustainable chemistry, specifically the synthesis, characterization and applications of zeolitic and nanoporous materials as catalysts in the production of fuels with low carbon footprint and chemical compounds of high added value, as well as improvement of traditional processes of the energy and chemistry sectors, such as refining and petrochemicals, reducing their environmental impact and optimizing natural resources.

A more recent research line focuses on the use of natural zeolites for the removal of fluoride and arsenic from drinking water.

The general goal of the group is to develop novel strategies for the synthesis of zeolitic, mesoporous and metalorganic materials (MOF) to achieve precise control of both the location of the active centres and textural characteristics, aiming to provide them with properties optimized for the various applications of interest.

Specific objectives of the group are:

Structural characterization of materials and active centres at atomic scale, mainly using advanced electron microscopy.

Use of computational methods for the rational design of new structure directing agents intended to lead to the synthesis of new zeolitic structures with improved properties and to chiral zeolitic materials for application in adsorption and asymmetric catalysis.

Development of tailored nanoporous materials as matrices for the optimal encapsulation of photoactive molecules and improvement of their photophysical properties.

Development of new micro/mesoporous materials of controlled crystal size and porosity with potential application as catalysts in the transformation of methanol to hydrocarbons and in particular to light olefins and aromatic compounds.

Development of new methodologies for the incorporation/immobilization of transition metals (Ti, V, Au, Ag) in porous materials for application as catalysts for selective synthesis of organic compounds.

Design and preparation of materials with metalorganic hybrid networks (MOF) for application in catalytic processes.

Obtaining efficient and stable nanobiocatalysts based on immobilization of enzymes in ordered mesoporous materials and MOF.

Use of natural zeolites for purification of drinking water (removal of fluoride and arsenic).


Jefa/e del Grupo

Pérez Pariente, Joaquín

Personal del Grupo

Pérez Pariente, Joaquín. E. Profesores de Investigación de Organismos Públicos de Investigación

Sastre de Andrés, Enrique. E. Investigadores Científicos de Organismos Públicos de Investigación

Díaz Carretero, Isabel. E. Investigadores Científicos de Organismos Públicos de Investigación

Márquez Alvarez, Carlos. E. Científicos Titulares de Organismos Públicos de Investigación

Blanco Martín, Rosa María. E. Científicos Titulares de Organismos Públicos de Investigación

Gómez-Hortigüela Sainz, Luis. E. Científicos Titulares de Organismos Públicos de Investigación

Sánchez Sánchez, Manuel. E. Científicos Titulares de Organismos Públicos de Investigación

Grande Casas, Marisol. E. Técnicos Especializados de Organismos Públicos de Investigación

Molina Esquinas, María Asunción. Titulado Superior

De la Serna Valdés, Ramón. Titulado Superior

Rodríguez González, Susana. Técnico Sup. Actividades Téc. y Profes.


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