Thermal Analysis Laboratory – Molecular Sieve Group (ICP-CSIC)


The Technical Research Support Unit accomplishes the main part of the textural, structural and chemical characterization of the materials synthesized and tested by the researchers of the Institute of Catalysis and Petroleum Chemistry (CSIC). The multidisciplinary nature of the research, allows for a wide range of techniques commonly used in materials characterization: X-Ray diffraction, UV-Vis-NIR spectroscopy, FT-IR spectroscopy, inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectroscopy (ICP-OES), BET surface area and pore size distribution analysis by gas adsorption, Mercury Intrusion Porosimetry (MIP) and Chemisorption.
The development of these techniques has allowed external applicants, such as private companies, universities and public research centers, to access to our services.
The Technical Research Support Unit is devoted to contribute both to the continuous growth in the research capacity and to the maximization of the impact of that research through knowledge transfer.
Since January 2009 several of the characterization techniques employed in the Technical Research Support Unit have been certified under UNE-EN ISO 9001, granted by AENOR, and the IQNet certificate has been awarded. Likewise, the ICP Support Unit belongs to the Laboratories Network of Madrid Autonomous Community (code 150)

Quality commitment letter

Certified ER0305 2008
Reg 205


Gravimetric Thermal Analysis Application
Gravimetric Thermal Analysis combined with Mass Spectrometry Application


Termobalanza PERKIN ELMER 7A

Termobalanza PERKIN ELMER 7A

Current rates



Group A ICP

Group B

Group C

Group D



18,37 €

35,46 €

56,53 €

61,91 €

Standard conditions: 25 to 950ºC with ramps between 10 and 40ºC/min. Air atmosphere or He. Consult for other conditions.


Group A ICP

Group B

Group C

Group D

Consult prices


  • Where applicable, the VA tax in force will be applied.
  • Group B rates refer to CSIC Institutes and Centers.
  • The fees of GROUP C are for Universities and other Public Research Bodies other than the CSIC.
  • The fees of GROUP D are for companies and other private organizations.
  • For laboratories belonging to the Network of Laboratories of the Community of Madrid (RedLab) not included in the previous categories, the tariffs of Group C will be applied.
  • The analysis of special cases implies a fee to be agreed upon.
  • These fees do not include the interpretation of results, whose prices will be agreed with each particular client.

Complaints / Suggestions

The Thermal Analysis Laboratory of the GTM makes available to the users a form so that they can present the complaints related to the analytical services provided. These complaints may also be submitted through the CSIC’s electronic headquarters (


Enrique Sastre
Enrique Sastre
(Technical Director)