Optimization of biocatalysts and bioprocesses

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“Optimization of enzymatic biocatalysts and bioprocess” research group is  a one of recent creation (2009). After working since 1988 in several areas of biocatalysis, under the supervision of Dr Guisan, and a postdoctoral stand in UCL under supervision of Dr Cowan (1993-1996) the leader research has a wide experience in the study of the interactions between biomacromolecules and activated solids, both to purify or immobilize/stabilize these biomacromolecules. Moreover, he has expertise in the chemical and physical modification of these biomacromolecules, both to improve their properties or to improve their immobilization performance. He has also experience on the integration of other technological tools to have a better biocatalyst, like microbiology (using enzymes from thermophiles) molecular biology (purification by affinity, directed immobilization/rigidification)

With these biocatalysts, many different reactions have been studied, e.g. selective hydrolysis, amidations and esterifications (thermodynamically or kinetically controlled) racemic mixtures resolution, regio and enantio selective oxidations and reductions
Currently, founded on the possibility of the availability of very stable, selective and active biocatalysts, and by collaborations with other researchers (from ICP and other centres), we have started new research lines in combo-catalysis and production of catalytic aptamers.

Our group has close relation with several nacional researchers from other institutions, as Prof Pedro Lozano (Universidad de Murcia), expert in biocatalysis in new no conventional emdia (ionic liquids, supercritical fluids) and Dr Eduardo García-Verdugo (Unversidad Jaume I), expert in green chemistry (http://www.quimicasostenible.uji.es/)..

Among the international collaborations, we want to remark that with the gropups leadinig by  Drs Rodrigo Torres y  Claudia Ortiz, ( Universidad Industrial de Santander,(Bucaramanga, Colombia) (http://ciencias.uis.edu.co/gibim/) and the collaboration with  l Dr Rafael C. Rodrigues, de la Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, (Porto Alegre, Brasil). In both cases, the  intesnsity of visits, cosupervision of thesis and joint participation in projects show the high integration between our reserah groups.

Since end of 2014, he is member of the scientific advisory board of the Canadian company  CO2 solutions (http://www.co2solutions.com/en/scientific-advisory-board)

Case studies

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II.- Editor ejecutivo
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III.- Miembro del comite editorial:

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Fernández Lafuente, Roberto – Group leader




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