To support the scientific research carried out either within or away from Institute of Catalysis and Petroleum Chemistry (ICP) by means of Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM). Research away from ICP includes that carried out in other OPIs (Public Research Institutions), Universities and Companies.

The equipment
The use of a Table-top Scanning Electron Microscope is offered.The SEM equipment is a Hitachi instrument, model TM-1000. It includes a micro-analysis system by an Energy Disperse X-ray spectrometer (EDS).
Basic characteristics ofthe TM-1000 equipment:

  • Minimum-maximum magnifications: 25 – 10000
  • High versatility for size and nature of the samples: powders o bulky samples (insects, plants, membranes, catalytic monoliths, etc.)
  • Backscattering detector for images.
  • Metallic covering of the samples to make them conductor is not required.
  • Energy-Dispersive detector (EDS) for chemical analysis, either punctual or general.
  • Easy, manageable and quick handling.

Stuff in charge
Dr. Isabel DíazCarretero (Scientific responsible).
Dr. Manuel Sánchez Sánchez (Technician).


Service Guidelines

Internal user (from Institute of Catalysis and Petroleum Chemistry)

Members of the Institute of Catalysis and Petroleum Chemistry can decide to work with or without technician.The easy handling of the equipment generally incites the internal users to study his/her samples. Despite this ease in handling and the existence ofinstructions in the laboratory, it is strongly recommended that the first handling of any user is carried out under the direct supervision of the technician (Manuel Sánchez,; Tel. 114795), who gives a learning course of about one hour duration. Similarly, it is recommended that any user who has not used the equipment for months or simply he/she does not feel confident in using it, ask the technician for a refresher session/course.Regarding the very occasional users, they are advised to choose studying their samples in presence of the technician.

The use of the equipment (either with or without technician) is free for any user belonging to the Institute, and it is subject to its availability. The shifts are controlled through the SOPRUS application. The user is required to register the shifts in advance through the SOPRUS application. The SEM equipment is in the laboratory S04, in the basement of the main building of the Institute. The time of shifts are limited to 4 hours per day and 10 hours per week, unless the equipment is free of other users; in any case, the user must register the corresponding used shift.

The user is obliged to inform the technician (Manuel Sánchez,; Tel. 114795) about any anomaly, incident, error message, damage, performance deficiency, etc. detected in any of the components or accessory of the equipment during the use of the microscope, preferably just in the moment of being detected.

External user (from Institute of Catalysis and Petroleum Chemistry)

The users who do not belong to the Institute of Catalysis and Petroleum Chemistry are obliged to contact the technician (Manuel Sánchez,; Tel. 114795) before any measurement to book a shift. Unless special permission has been granted, they are not authorized to use the equipment in absence of the technician. The shifts should be exclusively book through the technician, and they could be book only in the case the equipment is not required by any internal user.

External users can also apply for SEM analysis services without the presence of any member of their research group orcompany. In that case, the rates corresponding to ‘with technician’ will be applied.

Kind of measurements 
The offered experimental measurements are the following:

1. Morphology studies and image registration by using a backscattering electron detector, which is sensitive to the composition of the samples.

2. Local and/or general (but not punctual) chemical analysis by EDS.

Laboratory of microscopy has the basic tools for preparing solid samples, such as spatula, double-sided adhesive tape, tweezers and the corresponding sample holders.


ICP* CSIC/UAM OtherOPIs / University Private companies
With technician 5 15 20 40
Withot technician 5 10 15 30

* Actualmente esta cuota no se está cobrando.