Our Goal

Our goal is to support research projects by providing the facilities of our Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) to local research groups.
We offer our service primarily to researchers from the ICP, but also to other local and national institutions like CSIC, UAM and other Universities, OPIs and companies.

Our TEM service is equipped with a TEM/STEM (JEOL 2100F) operating at 200KV with a Field Emission Gun, and a point resolution of 0.19 nm. EDX detector (X-Max80 by Oxford Instruments) is coupled to the TEM, which allows the possibility of semi-quantitative chemical analysis. By using the STEM unit, Z-contrast images as well as the chemical characterization of areas of few nanometers can be done.

A sample preparation laboratory equipped with an ultrasound bath and basic lab material for powder samples is available.


Dra. Laura Pascual
Dra. Laura PascualTechnical Director

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Dra. Isabel Díaz
Dra. Isabel DíazScientific Manager


We offer the services displayed below. In order to apply for the TEM service, it is necessary to download the application form, fill and send it to the following e-mail address (laura.pascual@icp.csic.es).

Our staff will contact you as soon as possible to fix a date and will also resolve any question you might have.


Conventional TEM for morphology analysis



High resolution imaging for microestructural studies



Z-contrast images



Rates are updated (01-03-2022) and can be found at the Catálogo de Prestaciones of the CSIC

INSTITUTION With technician Semi-autonomous
CSIC (For H2020 proyects) 42.94 (euros/h) 42.94 (euros/h)
CSIC (For other proyects) 39.28 (euros/h) 24.43 (euros/h)
UNIVERSITIES/OPIS 110.71 (euros/h) 94.30 (euros/h)
COMPANIES 121.26 (euros/h) 103.28 (euros/h)

These rates are for external users. Discounts to ICP and other organizations at the Campus UAM are applied. For more information please contact with the Technical Director (laura.pascual@icp.csic.es)