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Immobilization of gold on short -channel mesoporous SBA-15 functionalized with thiol and hydrophobic groups for oxidation reactions

Authors: Valdes, RD; Agundez, J; Marquez-Alvarez, C; Perez-Pariente, J

Catal. Today. vol: 354. page: 0920-5861.
Date: sep-12. 2020.
Doi: 10.1016/j.cattod.2019.09.014.

Nanosized gold entities immobilized on short -channel SBA -15 mesoporous materials functionalized solely with mercaptopropyl groups and together with propyl and octyl moieties have been prepared following a two-steps procedure. These materials have been used as catalysts for the [read more]

Accordion-like effect of flexible organic structure-directing agents in the synthesis of ferrierite zeolite

Authors: Almeida, RKS; Perez-Pariente, J; Gomez-Hortiguela, L

Microporous Mesoporous Mat.. vol: 300. page: 1387-1811.
Date: jun-15. 2020.
Doi: 10.1016/j.micromeso.2020.110149.

Ferrierite zeolite was synthesized by a co-structure-directing route using a highly flexible diquaternary ammonium cation (N,N’-bis-triethylpentanediyldiammonium) as a structure directing agent in combination with tetramethylammonium as a small co-structure-directing agent. Strong alterations of the C-13 NMR bands of the bulky organic [read more]

Mineralizer effects on the physicochemical and catalytic properties of AlMCM-41 mesoporous materials

Authors: Ng, EP; Abdullahi, H; Khoerunnisa, F; Maireles-Torres, P; Lee, HL; Adam, F; Ling, TC; Wong, KL

Microporous Mesoporous Mat.. vol: 297. page: 1387-1811.
Date: may-01. 2020.
Doi: 10.1016/j.micromeso.2020.110016.

The effects of various alkali metal hydroxide mineralizers (LiOH, NaOH, KOH and CsOH) on the formation of AlMCM-41 mesoporous materials were investigated. The ordering of mesostructure was reduced when stronger base [read more]

Synthesis and Characterization of Aluminophosphates Type-5 and 36 Doubly Modified with Si and Zn and Its Catalytic Application in the Reaction of Methanol to Hydrocarbons (MTH)

Authors: Ruiz, MG; Casados, DAS; Pliego, JA; Alvarez, CM; de Andres, ES; Tartalo, DS; Sanchez-Sanchez, M; Casas, MG

Article; Early Access.
Top. Catal.. vol: . page: 1022-5528.
Date: . .
Doi: 10.1007/s11244-020-01266-3.

This paper presents a study of the synthesis of AlPO4-5 and AlPO4-36 materials doubly substituted by Si and Zn, as acid function and aromatizing function, respectively. The physicochemical properties [read more]

Advantageous enzyme selective extraction process of essential spirulina oil

Authors: Verdasco-Martin, CM; Diaz-Lozano, A; Otero, C

Article; Proceedings Paper.
Catal. Today. vol: 346. page: 0920-5861.
Date: APR 15. 2020.
Doi: 10.1016/j.cattod.2019.02.066.

Spirulina is an important source of metabolites and nutrients. It grows rapidly with low land requirements, and it is an ideal feedstock for implementation of a biofactory of bioactive products. A Part of intracelular bio-components are not extracted with [read more]

Guaiacol hydrodeoxygenation over Ni2P supported on 2D-zeolites

Authors: Gutierrez-Rubio, S; Berenguer, A; Prech, J; Opanasenko, M; Ochoa-Hernandez, C; Pizarro, P; Cejka, J; Serrano, DP; Coronado, JM; Moreno, I

Article; Proceedings Paper.
Catal. Today. vol: 345. page: 0920-5861.
Date: APR 1. 2020.
Doi: 10.1016/j.cattod.2019.11.015.

Different 2D zeolites, namely lamellar ZSM-5 (L-ZSM-5), the corresponding silica pillared ZSM-5 (PI-ZSM-5) and an MCM-22 sample, were investigated as nickel phosphide supports and evaluated [read more]

Performance of three different cations based on imidazolium ring as structure directing agents in the synthesis of aluminophosphates and silicoaluminophosphates microporous materials

Authors: Almeida, G; Variani, YM; Gomez-Hortiguela, L; Mercury, JMR; Rojas, A

Microporous Mesoporous Mat.. vol: 294. page: 1387-1811.
Date: mar-01. 2020.
Doi: 10.1016/j.micromeso.2019.109861.

In this work three different cations based on imidazolium rings, 2-ethyl-1,3,4-trimethylimidazolium (2E134TMI), 1,2,3-triethyl-4-methylimidazolium (123TE4MI) and 1,2,3-triethylimidazolium (123TEI), were employed as structure directing agents (SDA) for the synthesis of aluminophosphate and silicoaluminophosphate microporous materials. The cations allowed the [read more]

Synthesis of 10 and 12 Ring Zeolites (MCM-22, TNU-9 and MCM-68) Modified with Zn and Its Potential Application in the Reaction of Methanol to Light Aromatics and Olefins

Authors: Garcia-Ruiz, M; Solis-Casados, DA; Aguilar-Pliego, J; Marquez-Alvarez, C; Sastre-de Andres, E; Sanjurjo-Tartalo, D; Sainz-Vaque, R; Grande-Casas, M

Article; Early Access.
Top. Catal.. vol: . page: 1022-5528.
Date: . .
Doi: 10.1007/s11244-020-01242-x.

The effect on the incorporation of zinc of three zeolites TNU-9, MCM-22, and MCM-68 was investigated. The physico-chemical properties of zeolites were studied by X-ray diffraction, N-2-adsorption, temperature-programmed desorption [read more]

Direct sulfation of a Zr-based metal-organic framework to attain strong acid catalysts

Authors: Fernandez-Morales, JM; Lozano, LA; Castillejos-Lopez, E; Rodriguez-Ramo, I; Guerrero-Ruiz, A; Zamaro, JM

Microporous Mesoporous Mat.. vol: 290. page: 1387-1811.
Date: DEC. 2019.
Doi: 10.1016/j.micromeso.2019.109686.

The application of Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs) in gas phase heterogeneous catalysis is still not widely spread because of their limited stability under reaction conditions. Obtaining stable acidic MOFs to be used in reactions that demand [read more]

Ultrasmall Cs-AlMCM-41 basic catalysts: Effects of aluminum addition on their physico-chemical and catalytic properties

Authors: Ng, EP; Abdullahi, H; Wong, KL; Gines-Molina, MJ; Maireles-Torres, P; Rigolet, S; Daou, TJ; Chia, S; Lee, HL

Microporous Mesoporous Mat.. vol: 288. page: 1387-1811.
Date: nov-01. 2019.
Doi: 10.1016/j.micromeso.2019.109599.

In this study, ultra-small MCM-41 mesoporous solids ([read more]


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