Biosynthesis of Gold Clusters and Nanoparticles by Using Extracts of Mexican Plants and Evaluation of Their Catalytic Activity in Oxidation Reactions

Authors: Aguilar-Pliego, J; Nunez, RZ; Agundez, J; Valdes, RD; Perez-Pariente, J

Article; Early Access.
Catal. Lett.. vol: . page: 1011-372X.
Date: . .
Doi: 10.1007/s10562-020-03416-4.

This work shows the biosynthesis of gold clusters and nanoparticles (AuNPs) from a solution of gold in a mixture of ammonium chloride and nitric acid treated with two different Mexican plants extracts, Toad Leaf (Eryngium heterophyllum, [read more]

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Selective hydrogen production from formic acid decomposition over Mo carbides supported on carbon materials

Authors: Carrales-Alvarado, DH; Dongil, AB; Fernandez-Morales, JM; Fernandez-Garcia, M; Guerrero-Ruiz, A; Rodriguez-Ramos, I

Catal. Sci. Technol.. vol: 10. page: 2044-4753.
Date: oct-21. 2020.
Doi: 10.1039/d0cy01088j.

The decomposition of formic acid to obtain hydrogen has been studied using molybdenum carbides supported on activated carbon and two high surface area graphites, H-200 (200 m(2) g(-1)) and H400 (400 m(2) g(-1)). Particular attention [read more]

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Direct Synthesis of Dimethyl Ether from Syngas on Bifunctional Hybrid Catalysts Based on Supported H(3)PW(12)O(40)and Cu-ZnO(Al): Effect of Heteropolyacid Loading on Hybrid Structure and Catalytic Activity

Authors: Millan, E; Mota, N; Guil-Lopez, R; Pawelec, B; Fierro, JLG; Navarro, RM

Catalysts. vol: 10. page: .
Date: SEP. 2020.
Doi: 10.3390/catal10091071.

The performance of bifunctional hybrid catalysts based on phosphotungstic acid (H3PW12O40, HPW) supported on TiO(2)combined with Cu-ZnO(Al) catalyst in the direct synthesis of dimethyl ether (DME) from syngas has been investigated. We studied the effect of the [read more]

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Advances in catalytic routes for the production of carboxylic acids from biomass: a step forward for sustainable polymers

Authors: Iglesias, J; Martinez-Salazar, I; Maireles-Torres, P; Alonso, DM; Mariscal, R; Granados, ML

Chem. Soc. Rev.. vol: 49. page: 0306-0012.
Date: AUG 21. 2020.
Doi: 10.1039/d0cs00177e.

Polymers are ubiquitously present in our daily life because they can meet a wide range of needs and fields of applications. This success, based on an irresponsible linear consumption of plastics and the access [read more]

Efficient One-Step Immobilization of CaLB Lipase over MOF Support NH2-MIL-53(Al)

Authors: Gascon-Perez, V; Jimenez, MB; Molina, A; Blanco, RM; Sanchez-Sanchez, M

Catalysts. vol: 10. page: .
Date: AUG. 2020.
Doi: 10.3390/catal10080918.

Metal-organic framework (MOF) materials possess the widest versatility in structure, composition, and synthesis procedures amongst the known families of materials. On the other hand, the extraordinary affinity between MOFs and enzymes has led to widely investigating these materials as [read more]

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Effect of photodeposition conditions on Ni-CdS photocatalysts and its role in the photoactivity for H-2 production from ethanolic solutions

Authors: Cebada, S; Soto, E; Mota, N; Fierro, JLG; Navarro, RM

Article; Proceedings Paper.
Int. J. Hydrog. Energy. vol: 45. page: 0360-3199.
Date: AUG 14. 2020.
Doi: 10.1016/j.ijhydene.2020.01.169.

The incorporation of Ni-based cocatalysts on CdS by photodeposition has been investigated as a way of improving the photocatalytic efficiency of CdS for the production of hydrogen from ethanolic solutions under solar light. [read more]

Facile synthesis of B/g-C(3)N(4)composite materials for the continuous-flow selective photo-production of acetone

Authors: Caudillo-Flores, U; Rodriguez-Padron, D; Munoz-Batista, MJ; Kubacka, A; Luque, R; Fernandez-Garcia, M

Green Chem.. vol: 22. page: 1463-9262.
Date: AUG 7. 2020.
Doi: 10.1039/d0gc01326a.

In this work versatile boron-carbon nitride composite materials were synthesized and utilized in a sustainable process using sunlight as the energy source for the continuous-flow selective photocatalytic production of acetone from 2-propanol. It is worth [read more]

Alkaline treatment as a means to boost the activity of TiO(2)in selective photocatalytic processes

Authors: Yurdakal, S; Cetinkaya, S; Augugliaro, V; Palmisano, G; Soria, J; Sanz, J; Torralvo, MJ; Livraghi, S; Giamello, E; Garlisi, C

Catal. Sci. Technol.. vol: 10. page: 2044-4753.
Date: AUG 7. 2020.
Doi: 10.1039/d0cy00755b.

In this work, the activity enhancement of TiO(2)photocatalysts by alkaline treatment has been investigated. Commercial (BDH, U.K., anatase phase) TiO(2)samples, treated in alkaline solutions of NaOH [read more]

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Photocatalytic toluene degradation: braiding physico-chemical and intrinsic kinetic analyses

Authors: Caudillo-Flores, U; Fernandez-Garcia, M; Kubacka, A

REACT. CHEM. ENG.. vol: 5. page: 2058-9883.
Date: AUG 1. 2020.
Doi: 10.1039/d0re00211a.

In this study, we analyzed the photocatalytic degradation of toluene using composite systems consisting of a tungsten oxide component supported on a pure anatase phase. To scrutinize the photocatalytic process, herein we presented a new method with combined spectroscopic and [read more]

Synthesis of large-pore zeolites from chiral structure-directing agents with twol-prolinol units

Authors: Gomez-Hortiguela, L; Mayoral, A; Liu, HN; Sierra, L; Vaquerizo, L; Mompean, C; Perez-Pariente, J

Dalton Trans.. vol: 49. page: 1477-9226.
Date: jul-28. 2020.
Doi: 10.1039/d0dt01834a.

In this work, we perform an in-depth experimental and computational study about the structure-directing effect of two new chiral organic quaternary ammonium dications bearing twoN-methyl-prolinol units linked by a xylene spacer inparaormetarelative orientation, displaying [read more]

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