Cinefórum en el ICP – Picture a Scientist – Ian Cheney and Sharon Shattuck, 2020

Anuncio Cineforum

Dentro de las actividades organizadas con motivo del Día Internacional de la Mujer (8 de marzo), la Comisión de Igualdad y Divulgación del ICP-CSIC ha organizado un cinefórum alrededor del documental <Picture a Scientist> (Ian Cheney and Sharon Shattuck, 2020) que narra la experiencia de algunas destacadas científicas [read more]

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Seminario en el ICP – Protochips™ in-situ TEM solutions with AXON: Delivering on the Promise of Atomic Scale Dynamics

ICP CSIC Seminar January 2022


New innovations are transforming the Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) from a simple high-resolution image acquisition tool into a nanoscale materials research and development laboratory. Researchers can now better understand material behavior by analyzing samples in real-world gas or liquid environments, at high temperature and with ultra-low noise electrochemical [read more]

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ARIS (Automatic and Robotic Intestinal System): Una novedosa herramienta para validar la funcionalidad

Seminario Marisela Gonzalez Viernes 17 dic 2021

El ARIS Automatic and Robotic Intestinal System es un sistema dinámico ad hoc que simula el tracto digestivo humano, validado con estudios clínicos, diseñado para evaluar la digestibilidad de ingredientes, alimentos, suplementos, etc. Este sistema dinámico simula cinco secciones del trato digestivo estómago, intestino delgado y tres secciones [read more]

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Seminario en el ICP – Colombian Bioeconomy Strategy and Policy Brief Outlook and Opportunities for Scientific and Academic Cooperation

Seminario 13 dic Meneses Jacome 1


The core of this brief lecture is to present the main headlands of the Colombian Bioeconomy Strategy (and the critical research and innovation needs that will be ensued to accomplish the ambitious goals of this policy, as well the opportunities to establish joint R+D+i actions with international partners [read more]

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Seminario en el ICP – A novel bi enzymatic cascade system for fructooligosaccharides production with complete sucrose conversion

Seminario 18 noviembre Lazaro Hernandez 1920x1080 1

FructoOligoSaccharides (FOSs) are soluble prebiotic fibbers with proven health-promoting effects in humans and animals. Among the traditionally commercialized linear inulin-type FOSs, the sweet-tasting 1–kestotriose (DP3) stimulates the growth of probiotic bacteria faster than 1,1–kestotetraose (DP4) and 1,1,1–kestopentaose (DP5). Not only the DP but also the linkage type appears [read more]


May 2022
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