José Luis G. Fierro



VG Escalab 200 R

  • Hemispherical detector with 5 channeltrons (Pass energy: 2-200 eV)
  • X-ray source with double Mg/Al anode
  • Pretreatment chamber with controled atmosphere and temperature
  • Ion gun in pretreatment and analysis chambers (ISS)
  • Electron gun for Auger Spectroscopy

Sample analysis

  • Fill the sample form and contact one of the persons in charge for sample analysis and pretreatment
    (Before requesting the analysis of a sample, it is advisable to study the possible overlapping of spectroscopic lines using Oberon)
  • After the spectra has been carried out, there is a simplified protocol for their analysis, as well as helping software, which can be consulted HERE.

Useful links

Although the protocol is useful for the analysis of spectra, its use is futile without enough knowledge of the technique.
You can find HERE links with information about XPS, spectroscopic lines databases, bibliography, software, companies, etc.