The research activity of the Electrocatalysis for Energy and the Environment Group is dedicated to the development of advanced catalysts for energy and environmental applications derived from the use of renewable energy sources. Its activity is focused on the development of electrocatalysts that improve the activity and stability of electrodes in electrochemical devices for storage and conversion of clean energy, such as fuel cells, water and CO2 electrolysers, and unitized regenerative fuel cells.

Research lines

The activity focuses on three fundamental lines:

  1. Design of new synthetic, low-cost and eco-friendly strategies for the production of new advanced catalysts, promoting the use of agro-industrial wastes as starting materials.
  2. The main electrochemical reactions that we are currently targeting are: oxygen reduction reaction (ORR), oxygen evolution reaction (OER), hydrogen evolution reaction (HER), CO2 electroreduction and alcohol oxidation reactions.
  3. Use of advanced characterization techniques to identify the most important properties that determine the activity/selectivity/stability relationship, and help us to better understand the mechanism of the electrochemical process.


Group leader

Martínez Huerta, María Victoria


Jesús Cebollada Borao

David Ríos Ruiz

Cristina Ortega Redondo


Phone: +34 91 5854787


Grupo Electrocatalisis para Energia y Medioambiente