The Applied Biocatalysis Group was started 40 years ago by Dr. Antonio Ballesteros, and currently leaded by Dr. Francisco J. Plou. The group studies the application of enzymes  at different industries, such as  biomedics, pharmacologic nutraceutic, pulp industries, functional foods or sustainable chemistry.

Research lines

Enzymatic Glycosylation

Enzymatic Acylation of Sugars and Antioxidants

Immobilization of Enzymes


Group Leader

Francisco J. Plou (Investigador científico)

Group Staff

Relación de personal del Grupo
Antonio Ballesteros (Prof.)
Lucía Fernández-Arrojo (personal de investigación)
Noa Míguez (Estudiante de doctorado)
José Luis Gonzalez (Estudiante de doctorado)
David Fernández (Estudiante de doctorado)
Fadia Cervantes (Estudiante de doctorado)
Jose Manuel Hernández (Técnico)


“Enzymatic procedure for the preparation of alfa-glucosylated derivatives of resveratrol with surfactant properties”.

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“Alginate-based immobilized biocatalyst for the biotransformation of carbohydrates .

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“Procedimiento de obtención de una enzima inmovilizada en un soporte renovable derivado de un residuo agroalimentario”.

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Spanish Patent 201330114


“Novel trends in the food industry for the preparation of bioactive ingredients using last-generation glycosydic enzymes”, GLICO-BIOCATFinancial Organization: Spanish MINECO; Reference: BIO2016-76601-C3-1-R; Principal Investigators: Francisco J. Plou and Antonio Ballesteros

“Spanish Network on Biotechnology for lignocellulose: Towards the efficient use of biomass as renewable feedstock “, LIGNOCELFinancial Organization: Ministerio de Economía, Industria y Competitividad; Reference: BIO2017‐90757‐REDT ; Principal Investigator: Susana Camarero (CIB-CSIC)

“International Network for the Search, Evaluation and Application of Enzymes in the Food Industry” , ENZALFinancial Organization: Comisión Nacional de Investigación Científica y Tecnológica (CONICYT, Chile); Reference: REDI170057; Principal Investigator: Carlos Vera (Universidad de Santiago de Chile)


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