The scientific interest of the research group consist in the synthesis and characterization of heterogeneous catalysts for their application in the production of high added value compounds and compounds of interest in the Fine Chemical industry. More specifically, the application of carbon nanomaterials, carbon nanotubes and graphene oxides and their derivatives, as catalysts or supports for active phases (metal or metal oxide nanoparticles, metal complexes), is investigated, emphasizing in their functionalization and in the study of the resulting properties.

Research lines

  • Application of carbon nanomaterials (CNFs, CNTs, graphene, etc.) in catalysis. Control of physicochemical properties through methods of synthesis, functionalization and / or doping.
  • Development of heterogeneous catalysts depending on their subsequent application: supported nanoparticles or metal oxides, immobilization of organometallic complexes, mixed oxides, heterogeneization of heteropolyacids, multifunctional catalysts.
  • Use of advanced techniques for the structural characterization of nanomaterials (TEM-STEM, XPS), and for reactivity studies on surfaces and reaction mechanisms (DRIFTs)
  • Selective hydrogenation reactions for Fine Chemistry (chemoselective, enantioselective)
  • Biomass and platform molecules valorization reactions to obtain products with high added value


María Belén Bachiller Baeza – Group Leader


Tel: 915854767