Method for hydrogen production by photo-thermal catalysis PATENT Author: Marcos Fernández

Abstract: CSIC has developed a new method for hydrogen production through methanol reforming using a photo-thermo-catalyst, which combines thermal and light energy for the activation. The method allows to moderate the operating conditions (temperature and pressure), leading to energy savings and an improvement in the stability of the catalyst.
María Retuerto Millán L’Oréal-UNESCO Award MORE INFORMATION María is studying how to improve hydrogen technology, thus contributing to combating climate change. Two thirds of pollutant gas emissions originate in the energy sector, so to reduce them we must switch to a massive use of renewable energies. To this end, efficient methods are needed to accumulate this clean energy that can be converted into global sources. Natural compound with antiviral properties against hepatitis C PATENT Author: José Miguel Palomo

Abstract: Infection with the hepatitis C virus (HCV) is one of the main health problems in the world. Currently available treatments for the hepatitis C are too expensive and many patients, especially from less developed countries, do not have access to them. It is therefore necessary to develop...
Hybrid Nanozymes: Modulating Enzyme-like Activity by the Protein Structure for Biosensing and Tumor Catalytic Therapy ARTICLE Authors: Losada Garcia, N; Jimenez-Alesanco, A; Velazquez-Campoy, A; Abian, O; Palomo, JM 17 dic 2020 Effect of surface area and physical-chemical properties of graphite and graphene-based materials on their adsorption capacity towards metronidazole and trimethoprim antibiotics in aqueous solution ARTICLE Authors: Carrales-Alvarado, DH; Rodriguez-Ramos, I; Leyva-Ramos, R; Mendoza-Mendoza, E; Villela-Martinez, DE 15-mayo-2021 Vapor phase acylation of guaiacol with acetic acid over micro, nano and hierarchical MFI and BEA zeolites ARTICLE Authors: Gutierrez-Rubio, S; Shamzhy, M; Cejka, J; Serrano, DP; Moreno, I; Coronado, JM 10 marzo 2021 How oxidation state and lattice distortion influence the oxygen evolution activity in acid of iridium double perovskites ARTICLE Authors: Retuerto, M; Pascual, L; Pique, O; Kayser, P; Salam, MA; Mokhtar, M; Alonso, JA; Pena, M; Calle-Vallejo, F; Rojas, S 01 abril 2020 Study of the evolution of FeNxCy and Fe3C species in Fe/N/C catalysts during the oxygen reduction reaction in acid and alkaline electrolyte ARTICLE Authors: Garcia, A; Pascual, L; Ferrer, P; Gianolio, D; Held, G; Grinter, DC; Pena, MGA; Retuerto, M; Rojas, S
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The Institute of Catalysis and Petrochemistry is a research center belonging to the Spanish Council for Scientific Research (CSIC), an agency under the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (MINECO), and is framed within the Area of Chemistry and Chemical Technology, one of eight scientific-technical areas in which the CSIC divides its research activities.

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